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Who We Are

ENREGO Energy is a company founded in the field of renewable energies by pioneers and industry experts with many years of experience. ENREGO’s management can look back on more than 60 years of experience in the industry and has successfully developed and implemented a large number of renewable energy projects during this time and has sustainably built and managed national and international companies.

ENREGO strives to provide added value to its customers by always taking a systemic approach, considering all components of an energy management system consisting of wind and solar energy, bioenergy, green hydrogen, as well as charging infrastructures and energy storage systems, among others.

In order to enable a sustainable, ecologically and economically sensible transition to green energy and thus to a carbon-free world, ENREGO involves all stakeholders in the projects comprehensively and transparently and also offers end-to-end solutions in the most cost-effective way.

The ENREGO team has decades of expertise as well as broad experience along the entire value chain around the topic of renewable energies, so that we can offer our customers solutions to all questions and challenges under one roof.


Extensive expertise and experience in the development and implementation of economically and ecologically sustainable renewable energy projects.


Creating added value for our customers
as well as their satisfaction with our work is our motivation and drive.

Trust & Quality

For us, it is crucial to justify the trust of our customers by the quality of our work.


60+ Years

Professional experience in the
renewable energy sector

60+ Years

Fair & respectful cooperation with national & international customers, suppliers & financial institutions in the field of renewable energies

60+ Years

Extensive knowledge of project
& financing structures

60+ Years

Experience and competence in securing project rights as well as in the successful development & installation of national & international projects

60+ Years

Establishments & development of a comprehensive & unique
national & international network
Our Business

Green Energy for a Cleaner World

Bright Ideas, Brighter Future: Empowering a Sustainable World

M&A of Projects
and Project Rights

ENREGO Energy leases suitable land for the realizations of wind and photovoltaic projects, invests in projects in the development and implementation phase and takes over realized projects.

Project Development
and Project Realization

On the basis of more than 100 successfully implemented projects in the field of renewable energies, we are always at our customers’ side in a partnership, fair and competent.


We are available to our customers as a contact person for project cooperation as well as a tenant and (co-)investor, always with the aim of successfully implementing sustainable ideas.

Participation Offers / Crowdfunding, Private Equity

An investment in renewable energies is an investment in climate protection, sustainability and security of supply for the benefit of future generations.

Integrated Renewable
Energy Systems

We offer our customers the development of integrated renewable energy systems with the aim of ensuring a continuous supply of regionally generated green electricity.

Investments in
Start-up Companies

Together with our valued partners ENREGO Energy provides the necessary capital to enable young and innovative start-up companies to realize forward-looking ideas.

Awesome People Behind Us

Dipl.-Kfm. Hans-Dieter Kettwig
Founder & Chairman
Dipl.-Oec. Wolfgang Juilfs
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Dr. PKC Bose
Our Values

Tackling the Challenges of Tomorrow Together!





These values are the basis for reaching our outstanding goal:

To win our customers through our performance and approach and
to keep them long-term satisfied and convinced of ENREGO Energy!
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Our Responsibility Towards Future Generations

From ENREGO’s point of view, renewable energy is the decisive key to achieving the 1.5-degree climate target and ensuring sustainable security of supply. In order to be able to meet the challenges that lie ahead of us in this context, we need the commitment of every individual in our society.

In this context, we see it as our task to create the possibilities and the conditions for an investment in the energy transition for all citizens, municipalities and companies through the development and implementation of projects in the field of renewable energies as well as through the establishment of attractive, economically, and ecologically sustainable as well as low-threshold participation opportunities. In this way, we as ENREGO Energy would like to make our contribution to further strengthening social support for transformation efforts in order to contribute to a more sustainable way of life and economy.


Think Green, Love Green, Live Green.

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